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I have dual monitors setup using powercolor radeon 3650 graphics card, with two 19" acer monitors. For whatever reason I can play any DVD on the left screen, however when I drag it to the right screen, the picture starts, what I want to call "pixalating" to about lima bean size. Any ideas? I switched the monitors and this wasnt the problem. All the drivers are installed correctly to my knowledge. When I drag it back to the left screen the video play goes back completely fine.

Seems to be a problem with the graphics cards not the monitors, hence why I put it in this thread.
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  1. It's not your monitors. It used to happen to me and I learned to live with it. Never figured out if it was the video card or the software. I'm guessing it was the video card didn't like drawing the picture across two monitors or the viewer configuration being changed while running.
  2. So I downloaded another DVD player, and now it works, after restarting my computer several times. Weird. I think that you should try another DVD player other then windows media player. When I first downloaded it, it did NOT work, until I played with it and restarted the computer.
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    Thats good! I never thought to mess with it again because I didn't like the monitor bezels and my latest 23" goes to 1920x1080. I do use a triplehead2go on my gaming computer and but the two side monitor bezels behind the center monitor so I only have one bezel width to annoy me. :)
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