GeForce 7050M-M ECS Overclock AM2

Hi guys!

I decided to OC my old pc.It is a

Amd Athlon x64 4200+
3Gb Ddr2 667 Mhz
GeForce 7050M-M ECS
500W Psu
Onboard sound and gpu
250Gb Hdd

I tryed to increase multiplier but didnt find anything.Only thing i could change is HT that is currently set to 600mhz . This board has an nvidia chipset and i cant use AMD OverDrive. Is there anything i can do like to change voltages or increase core clock ?

Thank you . :)
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  1. yes you can do
    use nvidia ntune, msi control centre, cputweaker, cpu fsb, clock gen, bios etc to overclock it

    use these ram timings in bios
    tcl 5
    trcd 5
    trp 5
    tras 15
    trc 20
    trfc0 195 or 327.5
    ddr2 voltage 2.20v
    and memory clock at 533mhz
    and then save settings and then boot to window and use ntune to hit 230 fsb

    to be more precise on timings you need to post your current ram timings (use cpuz)

    use prime95 (small ftt) to check stability

    and use hwinfo to keep monitoring your temps gnd keep them below 60'c at full load
  2. have you tried the settings that i have mentioned
  3. the problem is that when i open bios i cant find there anything about ram timings ore cpu clock ore to control voltage :S
  4. Best answer
    disable these settings from bios
    pci spread spectrum
    sata spread spectrum
    igpu spread spectrum
    cpu/ltd spread spectrum
    amd C&Q

    use cas latency (cl) at 6 (or 7 if stable)

    use memclock value at 266mhz

    ht at 200mhz

    for shutdown temperature either disable it or use around 65'C (if present)

    use these settings and then post a pic of cpuid

    i need pic of this setting 'auto detect dimm/pci clk'

    well in between you can try nvidia ntune to hit 230mhz fsb (increase 1-2mhz at a time)

    here it is cpuid and Monitor..

    Auto Detect dimm/pci clk was just 'Enable/Disable'
  6. try those settings in bios that i have listed above, and then use ntune to overclock
  7. Did that andnow lets see. something else : Ht multiplier x? ?
  8. prototype18 said:
    Did that andnow lets see. something else : Ht multiplier x? ?

  9. I Oc it to 231 mhz and max temp is 64 full load. Gamin and prime to . I asked about HT multiplier . 1x ,2x, 3x ,4x or 5x ?
  10. try each ht (one by one) from bios to see if they work

    use ntune to raise it to x5 (do it after other overclocks, i.e, after you achieve 231, because it cause me problem when i use it at x5 before overclocking)

    you can try higher fsb too
  11. And i forgot to tell u that now my pc is slooower ! FPS in MW2 decreased like hell . what can i do?
  12. New core speed 2612 MHZ
    Multiplier x11
    Bus speed 237.5
    HT 950 Mhz
    HTT 238 Mhz
    HT multiplier x4
    Ram 633 mhz
    reference clock PCI-E 2550mhz
  13. prototype18 said:
    And i forgot to tell u that now my pc is slooower ! FPS in MW2 decreased like hell . what can i do?

    how this could be? :ouch:
    are you using same graphics settings in mw2 settings? :heink:

    try x5 ht
    and memclock value at 333mhz
  14. didnt change nothing . i tried x5 and memclock max is 250 -_-
  15. i did what u told me and i got nothing than a fail :S I set bios to default and raised ht to 600 and ram to Auto. now its running better way better . Thank you anw for your time . :)
  16. this is strange!!!!!!!!!!

    i cant help you in this issue of bad performance after overclocking

  17. and now i got twice blue screen and explorer.exe crash,.. now i am in safe mode S: reseted bios and did it anohter time :S what to do ?
  18. you are getting bad performance after overclocking and still want to overclock

    if you still want to overclock then use those which i have stated above during 01-05-2012 at 09:31:50 AM
  19. nvm i resolved it now :D its better and i got the result i wanted :)
  20. now there ya go
  21. prototype. please mail me i need overclock too i have ecs 7050m-m and phenom x3 8650 2.3ghz
    ram 2gb at 1066mhz please help!
  22. Best answer selected by prototype18.
  23. Just 1 edit i set the ht to 1000mhz and i got the best result i could with that cpu :)
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