New i3-530 for an old P6T mob

I can get a new i3-530 for $100 & have an old p6t mob. also have some extra parts for he system. Is there any value in this effort for a fast cheap rig. will be using xp pro 32 maybe window7 xp mode.
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    An I3-530 would not work with a p6t motherboard... The I3-530 belongs in a 1156 motherboard socket, while the P6t has 1366 socket... They're very incompatible... Might wanna look into an I7-920 instead...
  2. Not compatible as already said.

    i7-920 is the best if you wanna use that mobo.
  3. Thanks for confirming. Shortly after posting the question I learned that the P6T mob can only take the I7 processor. I had a fleeting thought of building a cheap fast rig without really thinking.
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