Mainboard for Athlon X4 620

Please suggest mainboard for Athlon X4 620 CPU which has good onboard GPU :) .For temporary period i will use onboard GPU for some games but after 4-5 months when DX11 GPU becomes little cheaper then i will get discrete GPU :D .
Budget for mainboard is below 130$
Use:casual gaming on only weekends
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  1. Do you plan on doing CrossFireX or SLI? if not then this is a decent board.

    If I were me, I get a board without onboard graphics, cuz they suck.
  2. I would go for this one:

    It has a onboard radeon HD 4200 which is a decent onboard gpu (though dont expect wonders). Its all around a decent board.
  3. Either one of those boards would be good, or you can wait till there is onboard ATI 5200 graphics.
  4. The main thing is to make sure it's a 700-series chipset, preferably the 785G.
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