Overclocking my Core I5 760

Hi there peeps, can anyone help me with the overclocking of my CPU... i clocked it up to 3.4ghz, pushed the voltage settings up in little bit...can play for hours then it crashes and i get an error that says (Voltage unstable) i would love to get it up to 3.8GHZ...can anyone please tell me in detail what i must change in the BIOS exactly! :wahoo:
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  1. "error that says Voltage unstable" where is that error shows at BIOS boot screen ? :o Before overclocking very high you should ensure you have good cooling to your CPU. Try to maintain CPU temp below 78C at 100% CPU load. For a OC starter have a look at this site:

    Happy Overclocking :sol:
  2. Thanx spp85, ive got the Coolermaster V8 cooler and the Coolermaster Haf X chassis, think its ok :)
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