New Build powers on but no POST

Hey all,

Just build a new rig here are the following parts

500g HDD
4 gb ram
700W PSU
nvidia 750i

So here's the deal. I've got everything plugged in nice and proper, but when I hit the power button, everything starts up, fans start spinning, juice is flowing, the CD rom opens (to pop in the windows CD), but nada on the screen.

the 750i has a debugging display which give me 0P, or OP , can't tell if it's a zero or an O, I've googled, checked the manual etc, and I haven't been able to figure out what this error code means. There's also a little red LED on the mobo that's on when the PSU is plugged into the wall and the switch is flipped. I'm not sure if thats SUPPOSED to be on, or it's indicative of a problem. Next to the LED it says LED1R474

I'd love some help with this, and I've always heard wonderful things about this forum, good luck!
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  1. *sigh* i just came to a bit of a silly realization, that 0p code is quite possibly d0, though all the documentation says D0, leading to confusion

    that being said D0 = Initialize memory port device.

    any more clues as to whats wrong?
  2. Does it make any sound at all?
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