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I purchased a HDD from Newegg back in January, and now it's gone non-responsive. I've helped some friends with dead drives before, and I'm not hearing the typical "clicking." I was burning a DVD of data from this drive when the computer restarted itself, which threw me off first. Then after the restart, it burned the DVD fine. I came back in the morning, and the computer was frozen trying to boot.

I tried all my options for changing the power cable, data cable and SATA header on the MoBo. I even tried putting it in the computer at work. It all had the same response: hanging on boot, with the eventual start but the drive is not showing. I can feel it spinning, so I'm left wondering what the issue could be. Might it be a faulty interface? Would that be replaceable? Corrupted firmware? I'm lost.
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  1. I can't believe I have a problem no one on Toms has had. I rule.
  2. Why do you believe that providing the model number is unnecessary?
  3. It was a SAMSUNG EcoGreen F4 HD204UI if that helps.
  4. Sorry, it doesn't help me. :-(

    Your model does have some firmware problems, but they don't appear to apply in your case:

    The fact that your drive spins up would suggest that the board is most probably OK. Instead the fault is most likely an internal one.

    BTW, some Seagate models, eg 7200.11, have a BSY bug that manifests itself in the way that you have described. That's why model numbers are important.
  5. Dag. I specifically got that drive based on the Newegg reviews instead of the Seagate which had more dead drive reviews.

    I have a trick I'm going to try that a friend suggested, but if that fails, is there any hope?
  6. AIUI, the good thing with Samsung drives is that they are usually OK with a straight board swap, but I've seen the data recovery professionals arguing over this. You could try replacing the PCB, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work.
  7. I've got two good things on my side: 1. the drive is still under warranty, so I can RMA and 2. I remembered I still had my external that this drive had replaced. It was going to be a backup for the wife's laptop, but I hadn't done it yet. Looks like my overprotective nature regarding hard drives finally paid off.

    Thanks to all for the help!
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