How to decrease ping in cs 1 6

Hello, i play cs online at home as well as at cafe with my frndz. At cafe pings are low around 100 but when i play at home pings are above 300 even though i have connection 2mbps.
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  1. Contact your home ISP. Only they can do something about ping times.
  2. ping

    see what comes back. I usually get in the range of 20-30ms during peak hours on my cable modem.

    If that returns under 70ms, then you should be fine on that aspect.

    Next ping <a gaming server> use the IP of one of the servers you're getting lag from. If this ping is bad, do tracert <ip>

    tracert will give you the ping of every router between you and that IP. Using this feed back, you can see where the ping starts to increase.

    Another possible issue is someone on your home network is eating up gobs of bandwidth and this is crapping out your pings. If this is the issue, the only way to fix it is to stop the offending machine or setup a priority list for your physical network port or set your router to prioritize your game.
  3. Nothing will improve your response time better and easier than using a wired instead of wireless connection. I assume those cafe pings were wireless, but it wasn't clear whether you are using wire or wireless at home.
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