SoundBlaster X-FI Fatal1ty

I have been using this sound card for months, and have nothing but problems. Sometimes my system will not boot up properly and sometimes it boots up and doesn't even see the sound card.

I am getting about tired of uninstalling and re-installing the drivers. I even made the switch from Vista to windows 7 32bit and for awhile it worked flawlessly and now it started doing the same again.

Is there anything I can do to fix it? If not and I just need to get a new sound card I am all for that what is best for gaming, and is not a creative product?

I have an ASUS motherboard, an Phenom Quad core, 4 gigs of ram. The onboard sound has been disabled. I do not believe it to be a system error since when I disable the creative card everything is fine just have no sound.

When the card works it is amazing I just cannot deal with the inconstant production of it I need my sound for gaming.

There just has to be something I am missing.
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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Creative's wonderful driver support!

    Try uninstalling your current drivers and reinstalling the latest package.
    If that does not work, Creative probably just does not like you (same as the rest of their customers).
    About the only thing you could do then to fix it is to get a non-Creative soundcard :/
    Personally, I like the ASUS Xonar line along with many of the Auzentech and HT | Omega cards.
  2. Remove the all/existing sound card driver... Load the latest driver/software from creative.

    That should work. I had my XFI card for over year and never had an issue with it.

    Your card should work. My OS is Vista-64
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