Ati 4850 vs 4770 vs 250GTS

XFX 4770 selling for 105$ while 4850 and 250gts are about 15-20 bucks more, which one is more worth it? I'm not xfiring or overclocking anything. Its all on stock
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  1. 5750 is the best then (512MB version) - its $109 and beats all of the above cards and is DX11 and is Low Power and is better on all fronts.
  2. I can only find the 1GB version at NCIX, it's about 150$ CAD T_T

    Whats this 5750 equilvilent to? a ati 4870 512MB?
  3. 5750 is equivalent to a GTS 250.
    4870 is wayy better card.You should consider it.

    Just a lil piece advice:
    XFX cards are a lil more expensive than some other companies like Sapphire and Zotac.
    Get those as they will be cheaper.
  4. The problem with buying cheaper cards of the same GPU is the support. I'm a loyal XFX fan and I won't mind paying $10 more for a double lifetime warranty. Haven't heard much about Sapphire and Zotac having any kind of warranty like that.
  5. has the sapphire 5750 for $136.99 CND.
  6. Thanks guys, Ill try to find a 5750 since it supports windows 7 and dx11, gaming is my last priority so this should last me a while xD
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