Overclocking my GTX 550 Ti

okay. so i finally bought an inno3d gtx 550 ti as it is the only brand i could find in the computer shop near here. but, i've heard a lot of positive overclocking comments even though it's just an inno. im planning to overclock my 550 ti. im kinda new to these things. but i have had a little experience overclocking my old 9500gt. i was hoping u guys would give me some tips and advice on overclocking.looking forward to it. thanks

and, oh, follow up question:
a stock 550 ti has a core clock of 950mhz and a shader clock of 1900mhz. how high could this card go? and how big a difference is it if i could manage to get the core clock to 1000 mhz or so and the shader clock to 2000mhz(if it is possible)? thanks again
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  1. Use a program to increase the clock speeds, start small. Go up by 15, then check your temps under load. I'd be willing to say as long as your card is under 90 degrees at load you can stay at that OC.

    As for the increase itself, it's hard to say since it depends on resolution/graphics settings etc. But I'd go on a limb and say that you'll probably get a 3-8 increase in fps.
  2. use msi afterburn to overclock
    hwinfo32 to check temp
    occt to check stability
    msi kombuster to check performance gains
    pc mark 7 to compare it online

    or any other software you like
    like hwmonitor, pcwizard, sissandra, pc mark vantage etc

    you can overclock it about 10%-15% of the original
    but keep your temp below 70'c at load
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