Can you connect a desktop to your laptop to retieve files

my hard drive wont load all the way keeps restarting. Won' load in safe mode either. Trying to find a way to retieve the files, some important. Hadn't backed up for a long time..:( Help!
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  1. So if you want to connect the laptop's hdd to your desktop, you can buy a 2.5" hdd enclosure. Just take out the hdd from the laptop, put it in this enclosure which will be connected through usb. This way you can access the hdd.
  2. if your laptop won't boot, then no.

    but you can remove the HDD and place it in a 2.5" enclosure, or get a Sata-USB adapter. both fairly cheap, and will allow you to access the data on the HDD from your desktop.

    that is, privding the HDD actually still works.
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