Gak8nf9 bios reflashed now no boot

Reflashed bios... looked to have worked but now she won't boot.
Can't find a reset bios jumper on the board, Can any body help?
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  1. Did you use @BIOS to do the falsh?
  2. No, I got the bios from gigabyte. I put it on floppy and used the boards QBios program.
    I think I have used the bios of a series 2 board when mine is series 1. I found the bios clear pins in a drawing on the net, I'll try resetting bios today. The site I got the bois from was a bit confusing, it looked like the bios with "2" attached was a newer version. It didn't dawn on me it was for series 2 boards, my bad.
  3. Ouch!
  4. Bilbat, Thanks for your concern but "I GOT IT". Reset jumper took it back to F11 bios, I downloaded the correct bios this time and used QFlash again and YaHoo, not to tempt copyright, after 3 downloads and 4 goes at it I'm up and running again under F12K bios. At last my bum can let go of my undies.
    Thanks to all who took the time to read and think about my problem.
    I'm one happy camper now.
  5. Quote:
    At last my bum can let go of my undies.
    [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:5]
  6. bilbat said:
    At last my bum can let go of my undies.
    [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:9] [:bilbat:5]

    Yes, my ass clenched so tight I could taste my undies!
  7. Can you share to me the drawing about bios clear pins ?

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