Triple channel or not?

I recently purchased a pre-built from Newegg ( It came with 12GB of Adata RAM, but I can't tell if the RAM is triple channel or not. I had assumed it did, but I supposed I shouldn't ever assume.

How can I check this, and how big of a deal is it? Thanks for any help!

ps. Also, is there an easy way to confirm that it's running at the correct speed?
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  1. Tripple channel is controlled by the motherboard chipset, not the brand of ram. Cpuid will give you the ram speed. 1066 is the only speed guaranteed with oem systems.
  2. Yes, that motherboard/socket utilizes triple-channel RAM (all LGA 1366 sockets do).

    The above program is a good place to check.

    For general system specs, I like SIW too.
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