Motherboard ID 02/22/2006-P4M800-8237-6A7L6009C-00
Motherboard Name MSI PM8M-V H (MS-7104 v2)

kindly tell me my system support
how much RAM
Which type like DDR, DDR2 etc

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  1. Maximum is 2GB. You can install 2 x 1GB PC3200 modules. You can Google "MS-7104 memory" for more info and compatible modules.
  2. Follow GhislainG lead...
  3. what about RAM TYPE ???
  4. hamzakhan said:
    what about RAM TYPE ???

    I already provided that info. It supports PC3200 (DDR 400 MHz). http://www.memoryx.net/ms7104.html
  5. its mean 2GH With
    DDR support not DDR2 DDR#
  6. Yes it requires 184-Pin DDR SDRAM, but you don't even need to know that. Just order modules certified to work with that system and you'll be fine. If you order the wrong DDR modules, they simply won't work.
  7. thanks too all for the info
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