E8400 bottleneck?

I currently use an Intel Core 2 Duo e8400 at stock speed, 4 gigs of Gskill ram, EVGA Mobo and 2 EVGA Nvidia Gtx 260 216 Superclocked editions in SLI. I was wondering if the processor is good enough to handle the 2 cards? I am unable to run WoW at max settings which I figured I would be able to with those cards. It's worth noting that I'm playing on a Hanns G 28" monitor at 1920x1200. What do you think? I don't really want to spend a whole lot on a new i5 or i7 and have to buy a new mobo and ram too. Should I upgrade to a Quad maybe?
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  1. Your cpu is already really strong.
    You would see a fair difference with a Q9550 but that cpu does cost a pretty penny.

    I dont think that wow will use more then 2 cores so you might not see a difference on that cpu.
    Overall... that upgrade is not mandatory to you atm.
  2. That depends on what mobo you have at the moment.
  3. The simplest answer would be to overclock the processor and see if that helps first.
  4. Sorry I didn't specify what motherboard I am currently using. I am using an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard.


    Also using 4 gigs of Gskill RAM.


    I am kind of a noob when it comes to overclocking and am afraid of messing something up so thats why I haven't tried to OC it yet, but I might have to just do it. Thanks.
  5. The 260 is basically equal to the 4870, keep this in mind for what i'm about to tell you.

    I had an E8400 & ATI 4870 running WOW at full settings (except for the shaders, i had those @ half) all on a 22 inch monitor running 1650 x 1050. I tried to crossfire in another 4870 and i actually lost FPS. In otherwords, SLI or crossfire & SLI are not supported in WOW, so one card is your only option.
  6. i dont understand how you cant max out wow on a gtx260?...

    i used to max it out on my 9400gt. that seems like theres another issue here.
  7. i doubt the e8400 is the bottleneck....
    but as another user suggested, try a OC

    i'd kick the default 3GHz to 3.3 or 3.5GHz (more if you have good airflow and cooling) and see if you notice a difference
  8. If you overclock to 4 gigahurts, which you should be able to do depending on your ram speed, then you will not *notice* a bottleneck. That being said whether there actually is a bottleneck or not is up to you if you want to be a cpu-tuner lol. You should be fine though.
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