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Alright im not sure if this is the right section of the forums for this but whatever. I have a old computer about 5 years old lol and got a virus on it about 6 months ago. Never got around to fixing it till now. The virus was pretty darn bad. So bad it ruined the computer. At first it would just reboot after it reaches the desktop then it just didn't turn on at all. So here I am now with every component of the computer on the floor. I believe the problem is with the hardrive. The bigger problem is the name of the hardrive. You ready? its a Western Digital WD800 IDE 80gb. Yeah. old i know. As for the rest of the specs, well here they are

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 1536MB RAM
Hard Drive: 80 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT

No idea what the motherboard is but ill read off some of the words lol

1Bit Guru Intel AS8 phoenix bios (dont know if that helped)

What do I need to do other than throw it in the ocean or move on with my life. I want this computer to work. Please Help Me. thanks
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  1. Normally a virus will not physically damage a component (not saying its not possible but not normal). Have you tried reading the drive from another computer and seeing if you can access the contents? If you don't care about the data and just want it to work, have you tried a fresh install of windows on the drive? If the problem recurs, you may need a new HD (or good used one given its age).
  2. Im gonna give that a try i guess. Couldn't hurt to see if that is the problem for sure. Thanks
  3. K so I tried that and it definetly seems that is the problem as the computer lit up and made crazy noises. So I took it out and my moniter wasn't working. I have a curse with Acer, they never work for me. Anyways I dismembered the newer one and im sticking in the good stuff to replace the bad stuff in the broken one. I got everything plugged into their respective spots except one little cable. That cabe happens to be the power switch cabel. Its all working except the power switch... *sigh* Does anyone know where that cable plugs into? Its a two prong thing and the Mother Board is AS8 1 Bit Intel.

    Things just arnt working out for me these days....
  4. Look in the lower right hand corner if you're looking at the board straight ahead with the expansionslots on your left. I believe it is a white connector block on that board and the pins should be labled if you look very closely.
  5. K I see the white connector block and on top it has very small lettering labeled "PWR OFF" so i connected it and still no power. I beleive everything is connected in the right spots other than that. I have no idea what the problem is :l
  6. flip the connector over, make sure you have your polarity correct, make sure you are onthe correct row of pins. Try each pair of pins, you can't really hurt anything by having it wrong. Other possibility is that isn't your ownly problem and you have a short/power issue somewhere else.
  7. Alright so I got the power on! buuut only for like 3 seconds then it shuts off. During that time I got all 4 Fans running but thats about it. Theres a red light that turns on right beside the power light on that white connector block. I dont have anything else plugged in on that block other than the reset cable. What could it possibly be? Thanks for your time and help btw
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