IDE->SATA DVD drive problems, 4 pin connector doesnt fit.

WAsn't sure where to put this but, it's a component.. soo..

I got a new mobo, gigabyte 880GM-USB3 AM3+ and it had no IDE ribbon connector for my dvd drive, so i went to buy an adapter. Fine, adapter plugs in just fine and I hooked it up to a sATA plug on my mobo. The 4 pin power connection .. doesn't fit. It's awkwardly designed.

am I just using the wrong plug here? lol.

That's more or less what I have. the 4 pin connector there.. for the power what should it look like. I have a 4 pin stickin outta my 650W corsair but it doesn't fit. How much pressure should I put on it to push it in?

Do i even need that 4 pin power connect? its already got one of the old fatter 4 pins hooked into it.

if so.. why isnt windows 7 recognizing my drive? what can I do to get it to see it?
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  1. Get a molex to floppy adaptor cable:

    Edit: If you already have a floppy connector on your PSU, make sure you insert it correctly. You don't have to push hard for the connector to snap into place.
  2. That's exactly what I just.. wont fit.
  3. It has to fit as it's keyed. Here you can see how it's connected to a 3.5" floppy: It should be the same when using the converter.
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