64bit System wont use more than 2 to 2.25 gigs of the 12 gigs of ram a

I am sorry that this is so long but I desperately need help!

So this is my first system that i have built. So I am probably just doing something incredibly stupid but I need someone to point it out to me so I can fix my problem. ive broken down my LONG question/story into 3 numerical parts to help readers out....Number 1 has my problem, Number 2 has my system specs and Number 3 has the reasons why I need to use so much ram.

1) I have a computer that no matter what 64 bit program I run on the system the program cannot or wont use more ram once the systems physical memory has used up 2 to 2.25 gigabytes of ram(out of 12 gigs in the system). The programs I am using are Vue 8 64 bit(which should be able to use up to 10 gigs of ram), Cinema 4d Rev. 11 64bit(which should be able to use up to 20 gigs of ram) and lastly 3ds Max 2010 64bit (which ive been told should be able to use up to 10 gigs of ram).

The processor will go up to full load and with hyper-threading it looks like, according to the task manager, that all the cores are working at full power yet no more than 2 out of 12 gigs are ever used! Using resource monitor i can see that usualy around 2544mb of ram are ALWAYS on standby and a whopping 6261mb of ram are always marked free. If i look at my system properties it states that i am running core i7 950 @ 3.07ghz with 12 gb of installed ram and a 64-bit operating system. my ram is timed at 9-9-9 24 according to cpu-z (though i dont know much about timing i just went and told the bios to use "easy" timing settings to set the 9 9 9 24 but i dont know if i was supposed to find a place where i could change the dram frequency). (dram frequency is at 674.7mhz)

2) my system
Motherboard Gygabyte X58a-UD7
Core i7 950
12 gigs of Kingston value ram (2 triple channel kits each kit is 3 sticks of 2 gigabytes) model of ram is KVR1333D3K3/6GR
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
video card is not important since it does not help "render" but if you must know its a GTX 275 that has 1792mb of ddr3 ram built in.
system is watercooled but im sure thats not the problem since the system has not been over 35 C . (according to the water cooling system and the "core Temp version 0.99.5 program)

3) I am am a 3d artist as well as a student in art that is working on many school 3d projects(school techs are of no help since their solution is to reboot often to get the system to work). I have been told by many people for a long time that if i have a 64 bit system with 64 bit 3d software and 64 bit OS that my 3d applications would be able to use more than the 2 gigs of ram that they normally would use on my old 32 bit computer. The reason for not using school computer for 3d is that you have to be at the computer the entire time your project is rendering and their computers only have 512 mb of ram...they really do expect you to render your projects at home using a faster computer.
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  1. Is there any way to make the system use all the ram? Like opening 50 tabs in firefox? That way you can see whether it's a Windows issue or issue with your software.
  2. Hello,

    I too am having this problem i have a N570SLi mother board and 8 gigs fitted and use a lot of video compiling programs sometimes 2 at once which can use 80% of my 2.5ghz (quad core)
    But it will not use any more than 2.25GB of memory ?

    PS, i am using windows 7 ultimate.

    Anyone got any idea's

    ( BUMP )
  3. You first need to determine whether its the app or the OS not using the memory, High utliziation doesn't always mean you will use a lot of memory. If Windows will consume the memory, the the app may be self-limited in some way
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