Choosing correct power supply

Please help me on choosing a correct power supply for my system.
My spec like below:
- Pentium 4 3.0GHz
- Motherboard 775VM800
- 2GB DDR RAM (1GB + 1GB)
- 320GB Harddisk (160GB + 160GB)
- TV Tuner
- 512MB DDR2 Graphic Card

How much watts my system need?
Is it 350W,400W,450W or 500W?
Or you have another suggestion?
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    Use this website to calculate your PSU wattage requirements, .
  2. Wow, thats actually a good acurate psu calculator, ive used others that overexagerated what I really needed by at least 50%, i'm impressed :|
  3. a good 400 watt will be perfect
  4. thanks for great website preferred by bsoon_tan. Anyways, thanks to everyone.
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