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Ok so a few months ago I bought a Buffalo Ministation 500GB from amazon. It took me about a month to figure out there was a weird problem with it so I couldn't return it. For one thing I learned it had a Western Digital drive in it when looking at the crystal disk info. Here's the problem though when I stream music or video from it it has hiccups in it because the drive spins down about every 20 seconds if not accessed in that time. I'm also worried that it may make the hard drive die a pre mature death. So I'm so sick of this drive I bought another to replace it and will just use this as a backup hard drive.

Before I found out a WD harddrive was in this I bought a WD Elements 1.5 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive from Amazon. that was a few days ago. I have it coming in the mail(probably be a week or three) and I'm really concerned this may have the same constant spin down spin up problem. Has anyone had a problem with this elements drive? I asked on the WD board but no one seems to want to respond that has it. I'm pretty sure millions of people have it to so the lack of information is very weird.

I have an old elements drive that is about a third of the capacity of that and a very small capacity WD passport portable. I never had any problems with these. They would spin down when they should like in five to ten mins. I think 30 seconds is an insane amount of time to spin down. So am I getting a hard drive that doesn't like to stay spun up? I'm concerned If it's anything like this Buffalo drive. All the manufactures saying they manufacture green drives is disturbing to me as well. Samsung, Seagate and WD all have green drives. The western digital I purchased from amazon has a green drive in it as well according to the specs.

So do you think the WD I bought from amazon may have the problem as well or is this Buffalo with a WD in it just a fluke?
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  1. use data lifeguard diagnostic from western digital to test the drive http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=612&sid=3&lang=en
  2. It says it passes the test and the drive is "good". Then there is also some thing that has a bunch of numbers that I don't understand. The model number for the WD drive in this buffalo is: WDC WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0 frimware version 01.01A01SMART Status PASS Test Result PASS

    I can throw this drive out, I don't really care, I just hope the new one I got coming doesn't behave this way. I'd like to get in contact of people that own the WD Elements Green drives but it's just so hard to find anybody yet there are millions of these drives out there. :pt1cable:
  3. keep this one as a spare,i am using a black edition 640 with 32 meg buffer,hope you find someone that use the green drive series.
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