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Windows 7 won't start with display drivers active

Hello,My computer was working fine for months. One day it wouldn't load windows and it was stuck at the black screen with the logo. I have searched the web and I am at the point where windows only starts in safe mode and when the drivers are disabled. I have used another video card and have even falled back on using the onboard video. The results are the same. What is keeping windows from loading the video drivers (Nvidia and Ati alike)? I have a spare drive with win7 and it loads/ starts with no problems so it is an issue with my main drive rather than the video cards or memory.

Phenom x4 9500, Diamond HD 5770, Biostar ta790gxe, 6 Gigs ram, 850w power supply.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi mrcead, it seems to me from your problem solving that the windows installation on the hdd has become corrupted.

    When you start in safe mode, un-install the display drivers and then re-start and see if windows will log onto desktop.

    At this point it should say found new hardware and try to install the default windows driver for your graphics card.

    If not, you will have to re-install windows on this hdd, happens sometimes :-(

    Good luck and keep us updated on how you get on.
  2. Well sadly, I believe windows is corrupted so I've installed my programs onto the spare drive (then cloned it onto a newer, larger drive) and keep the drive with the corrupted win7 as storage for my old stuff. I needed more space anyway - overwriting something important 'prolly did me in.

    Hear that folks? Don't be cheap like me, use a raid config so a stupid problem like the one I had won't cripple you.
  3. Hi mcread, thanks for update, fresh install eh! :-) Happens sometimes, then fresh install is only option.

    Glad you got sorted anyway, good luck:-)
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