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Ok so I am building a system, since the mobo on my last one died. I came here because I haven't really been shopping for systems and I am not up on the best equipment. I keep hearing over and over that the way to go is to get the 5850, unfortunately here in Canada I can't find a place that has them in stock, the only place claiming they have them only offer them to people who build a complete system. NCIX isn't a bad place, but there are a couple parts that they don't carry so I was wondering is there a comparable GPU that might be more available?
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  1. Not really. The closest would be a gtx285 but its not worth paying extra, or even the same for it as opposed to waiting a couple of weeks for the 5850 to become more readily available.

    If you are gonna go with a crossfire mobo like a gx or fx, you might want to pick up two 5770's instead.
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