CPU Temps higher after mem tweak

Happy New Year all~ :bounce:

My CPU Temps idle and peak have gone up by almost 10deg since i tweaked my ram speed.

My PC:

CPU: Core I7 920 3.6GHZ (Cpu Ration: 20; BLCK: 179; Cpu Voltage: 1.2750

Memory: (KHX14400AD3/2G 2GB 256M x 64-Bit PC3-14400 CL8 240-Pin DIMM)
Dram timimng was 9-9-9-24 now is 8-8-8-24
Row Timing: was 74 now 60
Command rate is 1T
Dram bus voltage: Auto

My CPU idle temps were always 39-45 : now 49-55

My CPU fan is Noctua, and is working 100% Its only since i changed the the ram.

Any ideas please?

Thank you!
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    Faster timing and the (probably) higher DRAM bus voltage puts a greater load on the memory controller located inside the CPU.

    My opinion - the very little real performance gained is not worth the higher temps. The higher temps will act as a limiting factor on your overclock which is where the real additional performance comes from.
  2. thank you JSC

    I brought the memory to auto, and dropped the DRAM FRQ to 1433...temps dropped on idle almost 10 deg...

    If i could ask could you to recommend a setting that is optimal and acceptable ...I have a Geforce GTX 590...and the CPU as you know is running at 3.6Ghz at 180x 20 Vol 1.2750

    What should i drop either QPI Frq or ratio or the voltage...i would like to bring the temp even lower but not to low that it bottlenecks with the vga. I could try to bring the voltage to 1.25 but i dont think it will carry 3.6Ghz.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    thanks again...temps much better! :bounce:
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