[edited] GA-M68MT-S2 AM3+ can't overclock cpu

just as title says i dont even have an option to change cpu clocks and i tried using gigabytes easy tune 6 but all i can overclock is the ram and whenver i changer the fsb in easy tune it always resets to default im almost sure that i may not even have the option to change the cpu clock is there other safe software i can use to overclock and again i dont have the option to change cpu clock but i can change some voltages for some reason EDIT*** just wondering if i turn off amd cool and quiet in bios would that make easy tune 6 work i may not have option in bios to overclock but still and my cpu is athlon ii x2 250 regor
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  1. cool n quite restores cpu to default or more lower to save energy, disable it

    other softwares are
    cputweaker, clockgen, cpu fsb, nvidia ntune or nvidia performance etc
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