ATI Xpress 200M Mobility driver - XP 32

Hi all...hoping someone can help me as i've tried everything to no avail...

I am using a Magentite GL8E (Asus YNRC-BR) motherboard with the Ati Xpress 200 mobility chipset.

512mb DDR2 installed (soon to be 2gb Crucial 667 DDR2) along with a Core Duo T2400 1.83ghz cpu.

Everything is running fine on an SSD (after slipstreaming an XP install with nLite) but I cannot get the graphics drivers to work - Ati install won't even recognise the chipset and fails.

I have tried the 10.2 Ati CCC legacy drivers and they do not work.

Can somebody please help as everything I have tried so far has not worked...
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  1. Don't try ATI CCC.

    Have you tried this driver

    It's from the hp site HERE
  2. Maybe try the Auto Detect option.
  3. Auto detect does not work :/

    I tried a few HP drivers. I didn't know which machine the motherboard came from, so guessed at HP SlimLine S7710.UK as this also uses the same motherboard. I will try the one you linked to directly.

    Will let you know if it works. In any case I have purchased a 5450 PCI (not express) low profile card to test out if all else fails. But the principle driver would be the ideal solution.
  4. Notice at the HP site in the link I supplied above, the words:
    This package contains the driver for the ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200 Series Chipset in the listed operating systems.
    If you don't have the chipset drivers installed you won't get far with anything you try.
  5. So...which chipset drivers should I be using. I think it says Ati 1100. The chip on the mobo read - ATI IXP 460. If you could list what drivers I need to install and in what order that would really help me out.

    Chipset (southbridge) then the link you posted (Xpress 200 mobility) ? Where from?

    I was having problems finding a section on the HP site where I could just download all drivers...they don't make it easy!
  6. Ah...installed the package - says its installing south bridge then i restart. Go into device manager. Still got missing VGA drivers and screen is still choppy with bad res!

    Do i need to install something now - as clearly still missing vga driver although i installed the sp32048.exe
  7. Now that you have the proper chipset drivers installed, the video driver should install.
  8. The link to the Xpress 200 mobility driver is from the Hp site in the second link. Just saving you time to sift through the site.

    You "think" it says Ati 1100? Must be sure.

    The number you give as ATI IXP 460 makes good sense and can be found near the bottom at this site page

    That makes it either a Radeon Xpress 1600 or Radeon Xpress 1150.

    You can try an ATI 32bit driver for the Radeon Xpress 1150 by clicking

    BTW... it's 75MB. The link is temporary so get it soon.
  9. See now im confused. When i follow your link - HP says it is the driver for the Xpress 200 mobility video. When installing, states it is the southbridge driver.

    So now im downloading the driver from ATI to see if this will install.

  10. So....the chipset is Xpress 200M - which is comprised of :

    1. Southbridge - ATI IXP 460
    2. ATI Radeon (unknown)

    I thought Xpress 200m was the graphics chip?

    (or is this a bit like intel labelling a processor centrino when in fact this was name for the combined chipset?)
  11. It's a numbers game. a IXP450 would be an Xpress 200 but a IXP 460 would not.

  12. lmartinefc said:
    See now im confused. When i follow your link - HP says it is the driver for the Xpress 200 mobility video. When installing, states it is the southbridge driver.

    So now im downloading the driver from ATI to see if this will install.


    I found the Xpress 200 driver because that's what you indicated was the need, but now it may not be that chipset after all.

  13. And the ATI auto detect doesnt work. Flashes up and goes instantly. Too quick to even get a screenshot.

    Now trying to find a manual to confirm. It is a Magnetite GL8E aka Asus YNRC-BR (read straight off board) with the ATI IXP 460 (definite) but for Core Duo and Celeron (laptop) Intel processors...
  14. Hmmm found the exact same problem here :

    Wondering if I flash the BIOS I will be able to install whatever I like. Seems HP BIOS is the problem here (more than likely) ...

  15. Hmmm... You do in fact have the ATI Xpress 200M HERE according to the HP site. Why the different chip number is anyone's guess. The driver I suppled the link to is for the 200, HP claims you need the 200M, so get that one HERE
  16. Thanks tigsounds. downloading now. this is all getting very stressful.

    Their site is not the best I have come across.

    I am going to continue searching for an Asus YNRC-BR BIOS so that I may flash the one installed. Some of the HP installs (that would likely fix my problems) do not install as it 'detects' this is not a factory build and using an SSD (so no HP recov partition)...
  17. This is exactly why so many people build their own systems. The ready-made turnkey systems are built with a profit margin in mind and people have hell to pay later using them.
  18. How exactly did you find the link to the sp31190.exe file?

    I can't find anything on that site. Tried searching, everything. When I select the s7710.UK and go to download drivers it only offers litescribe for win xp.

  19. Ran the file...still no joy!

    Missing VGA driver under Device Manager and crap display

    Going to hunt for an Asus YNRC-BR BIOS now and flash it - only way to resolve this as the HP installs don't work... :(
  20. More complaints coming through the more I search...
  21. BIOS available here, but the link for the USB flash tool is broken :/
  22. lmartinefc said:
    How exactly did you find the link to the sp31190.exe file?

    I can't find anything on that site. Tried searching, everything. When I select the s7710.UK and go to download drivers it only offers litescribe for win xp.


    I searched Google for "ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Series Graphics Driver" and looked down the list for an HP site that had it.

    There's a ton of fake sites that offer drivers but they are only echoing the search and claim they have your driver but don't really, as people find out after forking over their Visa/MC number and end up with a month-long subscription for nothing.

    There's something not right going on there when HP claims it has one chipset but the chip number itself indicates something different.

  23. Basically I think I have 3 options :

    1. Flash the BIOS - if I can find one :/
    2. Manually install ATI drivers

    3. Accept it and just use a discrete card

    The only problem i have is the fact that the BIOS really needs an update, but cannot update it as I am using a non HP build...any way round this? (use HP flash .exe but on a non standard build?)
  24. Or the BIOS file...i can flash it over USB :)
  25. That machine probably came with Vista and Hp is not going to supply drivers for XP.
    You are fighting a lost cause and should dump the board unless you care to install Vista.
  26. Success! (partial)

    I ran an XP driver from HP in compatibility mode (risky) but it updated the BIOS. It was the sp35106.exe

    Nothing much happened, and now i get hardware monitor telling me the system fan has failed (as the rpm of the one I am using is too low)

    So....I went across to MyDigital and downloaded the unpacked version of the vista update (sp35107.exe) to retrieve the 504_SLIC.BIN BIOS file.

    I wanted to use AWDFLASH from a bootable USB - this mobo does not support that. I came across (also from MDigital) FlashCD. Ran this program to make a bootable CD selection AWDFLASH as the flash program and then the BIN file. Ran it...FreeDOS starts...then typed 'awdflash' and followed instructions.

    Now running the latest version of the BIOS. Hw monitor seems to have shut up and machine thinks it is an s7710.UK - not sure if this is correct but they all used the same board YNRC-BR.

    Now for the problem - dxdiag clearly recognises ATI Xpress mobility 200m 256mb chipset. I have tried the ATI legacy 10.2 driver install. Nothing :(

    So still left with crap res. Will try the HP graphics driver one more time.

    Can't think why it isn't working. dxdiag sees it, Device Manager still has unknown VGA controller ... ahhh
  27. For anyone else coming across this thread - SUCCESS!

    I re-flashed the BIOS manually (without running AWDFLASH and entering info) in unprotected mode (as advised on BIOS-MOD). Then rebooted. Model number information etc has all disappeared :) loaded default settings.

    No more HW Monitor bull...runs quick and smooth

    Here is the process :

    1. Prepare the FlashCD using an unpacked YNRC-BR BIOS
    2. Restart with boot CD in
    3. When FreeDOS loads, type :
    AWDFLASH 504_SLI.BIN /py/sn/f/cc/r
    4. Load defaults
    5. Boot win 7
    6. Device manager > Standard VGA Adapter
    7. Update drivers > Auto search
    8. Restart when done


    The 504_SLIC.BIN is the file name of the BIOS available here along with the AWDFLASH tool and all files needed (build using FlashCD)
  28. Also ensure BIOS is set to use 'Onboard' graphics. WEI scores are in, top performer(lol) but at £30 it was alot cheaper than an atom build, and alot more powerful :

    Processor (Core Duo T2400 1.83Ghz 2Mb 667Mhz) scored 4.3
    RAM (Crucial 2Gb DDR2 667Mhz) scored 4.3
    Graphics - Aero - scored 2.3
    Graphics - Gaming - scored 3.1
    Hard Disk (SSD) scored 5.9 (6+ after SSD tweak)
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