Does asus P5LD2 supports 1GB graphic card

i want to buy a 1GB {G-force or nvdia} graphic card for my comp.
here is my PC config.

Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz
3.00GHz, 2.49 GB of RAM

motherboard :-
LGA775,CORE 2ready,intel945G,DDR2,
VGA integratedPCI Express
X 16,PCI EXPRESS X 1,software audio
intel GbLAN, 4SATA+2IDE,Crash Free
BIOS2,Q-Fan EZ Flash,Mylogo2,
Green ASUS,R2.0

would this motherboard support a 1GB graphic card
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    Yes. there is not problem .Your cpu is rather old and will be a bottleneck to the gpu, but your mobo is ok.
    I would buy an ATI HD57xx one (nowadays the 5770 is the best option but maybe it's too much for that cpu, so the 5750 would be good enough).
  2. Cpu seem a little slow, but the card should work just fine... Dont let the amount of memory on a video card scare you...
  3. Because the CPU does not have direct access to the graphics memory, the amount of memory on the video card doesn't matter.
  4. thanks for u r help dude

    so with u r opinion i hope that i could play every game on my comp...
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  6. can i put a BFG gtx 260 OC maxcore 55 in an asus p5ld2?
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