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Base model vs Factory Overclocked gtx 560 ti

I am planning to buy a gtx 560 ti for my new setup.
But I wanted to know this -

Is there much difference b/w the cooling arrangement of the base model and the facory overclocked model???
Is it justifiable if I have to get 10$ or more for this difference??

I was looking at ZOTAC and GIGABYTE models and comparing their prices. The difference is 20$ at most acc. to my requirement.
I am willing to OC my card about 5% percent.

Thx in advance!
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  1. different venders according to different clock and different models
    use different cooling in their cards

    when venders overclocks a card then they use better cooling than a base model to make the card more reliable and stable and cool

    if you want to run system cool or want to overclock too much and want to use that card for high graphics and load then go for better cooling, thus it is justifiable.

    for 5% overclocking you can choose anyone
  2. well, by 5% I mean about 50 MHz on core clock and 200 MHz on shader clock. So the base model will handle that??
  3. 200mhz on shader seems around 10%, but base model can handle this

    (to be precise 5%=41.1mhz on core, 5%=82.25mhz on shader, 5%=200.4mhz on memory)
  4. ok. so i think i am gonna have a toss-up between gigabyte and zotac when the time comes. So what do u suggest? gigabyte or zotac? I think I can find the zotac for about 20-30$ cheaper. they r quite popular here in my region (india).
  5. can you post their model name

    (in India, it is around 11:30 pm in india and you are still not sleeping)
  6. truegenius said:
    can you post their model name

    (in India, it is around 11:30 pm in india and you are still not sleeping)

    Hehe, I have my english paper tmrrow (1st semseter) and was kinda getting bored with science writing.

    As for the question, I cant name the models exactly coz the the vendor only told me about the brand and the value of its 560 ti in general.

    lets say they are the most basic ones for both them. then what are my options?
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    oh paper!, i got rid of them for few weeks coz my last exam was of 2 jan 2012, it was maths 1st semester computer engg diploma
    you are in new Delhi and i too, i got my hd6770 at 7000 and they were offering me a hd6790 at 7250 ,but unfortunately mere pas sirf Rs9000 hi the jismese Rs 2000 mene psu me laga diye the

    can you do me a favor by asking the dealer if they have this board (asrock n68c s ucc ) because i want this board, if they have then what is the price of this board
    also this processor (phenom 2 x4 945 c3 HDX945WFK4DGM in black edition) and price

    if their is no difference then go with cheaper one, because some venders charge more for the same piece

    what are the price tags on them

    ( i am too lazy)
  8. well, I dont think they keep ASRock boards around here. Acually ASRock havn't launched their official subsidiary in India. They are just exporting some low end chipset mobos for Intel (G41, etc.) . But when I go to the dealer to put my new system together, definitely will ask for this board. And that is also when I will be able to get the price tags on the 560 ti's.
    But that might take a week. :-(
  9. no problem
  10. k, thx for the support!
  11. I have a base unit (Inno3d) and it has reached over 1000Mhz at high voltages but at stock voltage its at a stable 890mhz core clock. You can go for the reference/base model but if you are a stickler for cooling just add a bit more it may help you during hot days.
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