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Does it worth to change motherboard (Asus P5KPL-AM, G31 chipset) which only have pci-e 1.0 x16 (electrically x4 i think)to a motherboard which have pci-e 2.0 x16(maybe ASRock P43DE)? Video card: 9600gt, in the future a HD5770. Would there be noticable change in gaming? (mostly 1440x900,1680x1050)
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  1. Not really. If you want to change, a g41 chipset board will work and should fit your case, but it's not a full feature board. For atx and no onboard video, the p43 boards are still widely available.
  2. not noticeable at all. The bandwith and specs for PCIE 1.0 are more than plenty. you will not notice any difference, your system does not even fully utilize PCIE 1.0, let alone 2.0
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