Upgradable mobo/CPU combo on the cheap?

Hey all,

I'm building my first PC, and was looking for some advice on a CPU/mobo combo.

I currently have an Antec Three Hundred Case, a Sapphire 4850 1gig DDR3 (crossfire?), and 3x2gb DDR3 mushkin silverline.

This leaves me waiting for a good deal on a compatible mobo/cpu, as well as on a PSU and HDD.

At the moment, I'm really not a serious gamer - I play probably less than 6 hours of games a month, so while I enjoy the option, maxing out the settings isn't really THAT important to me.

What I hope to find is a decent mobo that will allow me to switch out the processor in the future once prices come down on the new CPUs (and once I have more money), and a solid processor to experiment with in the meantime. I've never built, and certainly never overclocked, but I'd be interested in trying my hand at it at some point in the future; right now, however, I just want to get things up an running.

Any advice on something that might meet these needs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Newegg.com for the usa and canada; frys or microcenter for the lucky ones that have them in their city. Can't help you for the uk. I use asrock, ecs, or biostar for basic setups where overclocking isn't a priority. For amd, the 785 hdmi boards are a good value, loaded with features. Choose amd carefully; some chipsets can use ddr2 or ddr3 but not both. For socket 775, the x38 or x48 boards will work fine; for socket 1156 or 1366, you may not find any with onboard video.
  2. Yeah, I would go with an AMD AM2+/AM3 motherboard and Phenom 2 processor. I would look at 790gx motherboards, or 790X on a budget.

    For you I like the 890GX boards as they have USB 3.0 and SATA 3 and will be quite upgradable. I also like the X3 Rana Athlon II CPU's. In the US they are running $75, and are good for gaming and multitasking.

    Here's a combo from newegg, not sure what's available in your area but it will give you some ideas:
  3. I just got another frys combo today for only $44.99 (e3300 with biostar g41 board). They also have a phenom 925 with 790gx board for $129.99 after rebate.
  4. Tigerdirect.com for USA
    Tigerdirect.ca for Canada
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