LG Monitor W2234S stopped woking


LG Flatron W2234S

Whilst printing a document my monitor stopped working.I've had it for about 1 year & has never given any problem. I've disconnected & reconnected but, although the blue light on the "on switch" flashes on briefly the screen remains blank.

I'm running windows Vista and my lexmark Z35 printer driver doesn't work perfectly with Vista. I don't know whether this could have caused the problem.

Computer says device working properly
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  1. check your drivers, update them or if they a up to date reinstall them
  2. Thanks John,

    Unfortunately it didn't work. Just found invoice - monitor 2 weeks out of warranty period!
  3. Have you tried the monitor with another computer? The problem could possibly be with your computer. A lot of computer problems result in "no video".
  4. Hi, no I haven't but I have tried another power outlet. Prior to this the monitor light would remain on for a lot longer when I switched the power on even if I hadn't booted the PC.

    I'll either try another computer or take it to be checked out. Thanks.
  5. LOL – That’s because you probably live in a civilised part of this world. In South Africa the standard warranty from LG is 1 Year. Co-incidentally they are running a “special” for the month of October only where they are offering a 3-year warranty on your monitor purchase.

    Anyway, I took it back to the retailer today and it seems that they will allow the repair under warranty.
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