What psu should i use for my 9800gt?

i am buying a evga 9800gt and possibly overclocking a little or just buying the overclocked edition. I am running a pentium d with 2.66ghz. i have 1 hard drve and 1 dvd player. im on a budget and i am limiting my spending for the psu to $50.

I am not sliing my video card and not going to do any more future upgrades but probabley a new hard drive.
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  1. A Corsair 450w will do you fine.
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    $50 after rebate, a 9800GT is rather power hungry so the 450VX is a better choice than the 400CX.
  3. I agree, Corsair 450watt would be great. Antec may be the other thing to look at. Also remember to check to see if the 9800GT needs a 6-pin PCI-E PSU connection, I can't remember.
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