Which SATA on Mobo GA-x58-ud3r?


My Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R has both an ICH10R and a "Gigabyte Sata2" controller. I'm not sure which to use to connect my primary boot drive (an SSD) and my primary data drive (HDD).

I'm not doing any RAID and these drives only work with SATA 3Gb I believe (the board has DATA 6Gb connectors as well).

Thanks all!
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  1. If you aren't running a RAID array, use the SATA2 controller.
  2. Problem is that there are two SATA2 controllers.

    One is called ICH10R and is labelled SATA_2
    and the other is called GIGABYTE SATA2 and is labelled GSATA_2
  3. Use the GSATA2_0 port.
  4. Thanks aford10.

    Do you know how they are different?
  5. It's a different controller. The ICH10R is intended more for a RAID array.
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