24/23 Pin Power Connector, PSU

Hey Everyone, I Just bought a new Powersupply for my new card,mobo,processor. I was just looking at the powersupply and i just saw that its 24 pin connector has one pin missing, i mean if you count the plastic pins they are all 24, but under them there are few metallic like pins, which i think makes it for a connection bond. The Powersupply is all good as all other pins are fine and i dont think that a pin wouldve been dropped due to some vibration or whatever. Is it normal or i have to fix the connector..... i can get an image too
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  1. That is normal. Everything is okay. Don't worry! Be Happy! :)
  2. JohnnyLucky hit it on the nail... Look at this image, as you see that is standard.

  3. That missing pin used to go to a white wire carrying -5 volts from the PSU. The ATX 2. ? spec did away with it several years ago.
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