Asus P5B-E BIOS Update Error


I have an issue with my motherboard P5B-E PLUS.
The problem appeared when i was flashing my bios via the ASUS Update on
windows. With the current bios (like..1800?)
An error came to do with the Erasing EPPROM and after it stated if I would like to try
again or exit.
So I exit restarted the comp and my problem is that it doesn't Load and Nothing shows
up in to the screen.
I tried all the steps on the manual and as well on the troubleshooting in ASUS
I remove the battery.
Clear CMOS.
Unplugged all cables.
Tried to load only 1 mem stick, cpu and vga only and it still persist.
NO beeps.
Just Stops before post.
It Detects my cd/dvd rom.
I have one disk that came with the motherboard but as well is not helpful.
I tried to use the disk for the CrashFree Bios 3. But i think is not that disk.
So now basically I don't know what to do anymore.
I believe the Bios is corrupt because of the Flash Error.
Just to advise that it's not the 1st time I flush bios in Windows with ASUS Update.

SO know I don’t what to do I think I just need to correct the corrupt bios but how.

Do I have to RMA it?
If I have to buy another board which 1 should I get? (I have an e6600 dual core)

I'm so frustrated :(
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  1. If it's under warranty, RMA the motherboard. It's always safer to update the BIOS from the included BIOS utility.
  2. So there is nothing I can do myself?
  3. If you followed the BIOS recovery procedure in your manual and it didn't work, then you'll have to RMA the motherboard.
  4. Read the manual.
  5. daship READ THE OP'S POST "I tried all the steps on the manual and as well on the troubleshooting in ASUS webpage" *rolls*

    If its under warranty send it away, otherwise its time for a new motherboard unless you know someone who can remove the flash rom, reflash it and put it back together etc - doubt it.
  6. Time to RMA it, thanks guys :/
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