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IDE to SATA problems

I have an old, but awesome, PLEXTOR - DVDR PX-760A (I think) for ripping cd's. I built a new computer a few months back (no IDE inteface) and I just got around to installing the Plextor because the Asus I bought isn't cutting it for accurate rips. I bought from Newegg, but I can't seem to get it working. I have power, but the drive will not show up. Is there something obvious I might be missing? :(

i7 2600k
AsRock p67 extreme 4
XFX 859w Black edition
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  1. I would check your jumpers on the drive.. My guess is that they would need to set to stand alone for SATA?
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    The IDE CD drive has to be set as Master using the jumpers on the back
  3. Is the sata slot turned on in the BIOS?
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  5. I'm going to go ahead and give the nod to the jumper having to be on master. Although it probably helped that I also realized I needed to plug in the adapter itself to power. :lol: oh well. I probably would have needed the jumper advice anyway. Thanks.
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