Final Pre-Build Check

I've spent an ungodly amount of time researching the various bits and bobs involved in my most recent build, charts from Tom's Hardware, HEXUS review, OcUK forum advice etc etc etc. After a mad night, which saw me in bed for 3am, I've picked out all the components I should need and I'm ready to buy.

I don't really need a full spec, just a once over and if you spot anything erroneous just shout The areas I'm most open to change on are the PSU (550W + cheap) and the case - I'm torn between the CM Storm Scout and a NZXT Guardian 921, I'd prefer a blue case and the temperature readouts are handy but I'm unsure of it's coolng credentials - it's well-reviewed but the Scout is widely regarded as a brilliant cooling box.

On to the system then:

CPU: Core i5-750
GPU: Sapphire HD4890 Vapor-X 1Gb
RAM: G.Skill 7-7-7-24 @ 1600MHz
HDD: Hitachi 500Gb 7,200rpm 16Mb
Case: NZXT Guardian 921/CM Scout Storm
PSU:Silverstone Strider 500W
CPU cooler:AC Freezer 7 Pro R2
Optical Drive:Sony 22x DVD+-RW
Windows 7: 64-bit Premium

Total: £731

I'm planning on buying a 1900x1080Monitor: Viewsonic VX2260WM £135 once the bank balance is a little improved and I'll probably throw in a 2nd HDD too. As you can probably tell I'm on a middling budget and don't really want to exceed £750, if I was to spend the extra £20 I'd probably improve the PSU so I can drop in a 2nd 4890 when/if the price drops. The main use of the rig will be for gaming, particularly running 2-3 copies of EVE Online, RTS and FPS' once I get round to buying a few, I'm not too fussed about the synthetic performance of any of the parts, it's mostly the overall FPS I'm interested in.

Perhaps this: Be Quiet! StraightPower 600W @ £63. If anyone could show me a 6-700W modular PSU around £60 which isn't based on an Epsilon FSP that'd be fantatstic. I know the 550W can power the current system but I'd like the PSU to survive a few upgrades.

Another option for me is to replace the 4890 with a 5850 and get a cheaper case, perhaps a CM 300, in order to stay within budget. To make the decision I want to balance out the increased cost of the 5850 - i.e. will it be worth it at 1900x1080 or will it largely be future proofing against the loss of a good case - are the CM 300 and the like far inferior cases? One last thing on the graphics front, would anyone consider holding off on purchasing a 5850 card for a month or two in the hope that better 5850's will be released by XFX/Sapphire and the like or that we may see a price reduction?

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  1. Since money is tight, why care about blue?
    Good no nonsense cases are cheap.
    2x 4870 later on? Duh.
    Go with the latest generation chips. 5850, 5870 or the upcoming (very very soon) NVidia 40nm.
    You will be running Windows 7. Go with DX11.
    Take your time and pick to win.
  2. Hold off for NVidia's product release. If nothing else, it should force a price drop on the new ATI series.

    The HD5850 1GB is an awesome value card. It's arguably overpriced. It's not just about DX11; it also uses only 27W in idle which will really quiet down your computer when not gaming. The HD4870 uses 90Watts in idle.
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