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Hello, My Dell XPS 420 is not booting. BootIt shows everything to be ok and can see files but says some may be corrupted.
I put the latest copy of Ubuntu on a usb thumb drive, following the directions exactly. Hoping Ubuntu can see my files so I can save some of them.
I made my usb device my bootable drive and restarted the computer. All I got was the screen that offers various safe mode options. Ubuntu was a no show. Rebooted and hit F12 to see the boot sequence. USB device is first and selected but when I hit enter, I get the message, "SELECTED BOOT DEVICE NOT AVAILABLE". I moved it to another usb port. Same message. I know it's a working usb thumb drive. I know both usb ports work. Using Ubuntu is my last option (that I know) to see my files. Anyone have a suggestion as to why my usb boot device is not available?
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  1. have you tried to boot of a CD/DVD?
  2. Yes, I finally tried a CD version and Ubuntu was able to see my files. I booted with the Ubuntu CD about 6 times and now it won't boot my computer anymore. I get as far as choosing to run from the cd or install. I choose to run from the cd and nothing happens. I REALLY need to get to that drive to back up some files and then I'll install a new drive and Win 7. I've got this ordered from Amazon.
    Will connect my ailing XP drive to my Win 7 laptop in hopes that I can run chkdsk and fix the drive.
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