8800GS for physX

I have a XFX 8800GS

I want to use it for a physX only, I have a 8800GT witch im using now for graphics along with a 630PSU


1. Will the 8800GS be strong enough to do physX for "batman arkham asylum" and some upcoming games?

2. Will my PSU be able to handle both of them?

Any comment will be help full, thanks
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  1. Check out the Batman PhysX review on and see the performance charts.

    Based upon some quick interpolations, I think you'd get about 40 fps on High PhysX setting
  2. I get about 60FPS on my 8800GT without physX, Would you try the 8800GS for physX?
  3. You can do physX with a single card I think.

    The 8800GS is about the same as a's actually pretty decent and is a popular card for gaming on low-power systems...being between a 4670 and 9600GT.
  4. 8800GS should be a good card to handle the PhysX portion. You don't need a ton of card for the current PhysX implementations.
  5. Though, you could try running the game with PhysX on your GT and see if it hurts framerates too much.

    Also, could you post the rest of your system specs, we will need them to determine power requirements.
  6. mobo: evga 680i

    video card: EVGA 8800GT

    cpu: intel q8200

    ram: 4gb

    os: vista 64
  7. I just want to know if I will get better FPS in games if I use my spare 8800GS for physX.
  8. A quick run through the PSU calc shows you should be OK as long as that PSU puts out as advertised. I am not familiar with that brand however, so I am not sure if it will. That said, if after you try running PhysX on your GT alone you think FPS are too low, I see no reason why you shouldn't try putting the GS in for PhysX. If due to old/poor quality the PSU is insufficient, you will probably have some random restarts/crashes. However, for those cards and assuming nothing is OC'ed, I think you probably should be fine.
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    Yes, you should get higher FPS using another card for PhysX as that will take load off of the primary card (or CPU) allowing it to render the game faster.
  10. ok, Thanks homie
  11. No problem. I hope it works out for you. And once you get it running, post back with your results just so we can see some real world proof.
  12. Just to make sure,

    After installing the 2nd video card,

    1. Go to nvidia control panel
    2. Click on pyhsX config
    3. Dot in "Enable on the video card i was to run physx"

    and that's it?

    lol just seems a little to simple

    Did I do it right?
  13. Yep, that should be it I'd think. It should be fairly simple. The only extra thing I'd suggest doing is check NVidia's site and make sure you have the newest PhysX driver (I think each game that uses PhysX should update this, but no harm in checking.
  14. Yeah I checked that, Ok well its in, ill post the updates when I get them. thanks
  15. Computer rig

    mobo: EVGA 680i

    CPU: Q8200 2.3Ghz quad core

    RAM: 4gb 800ghz

    Video card: EVGA 8800GT + XFX 8800GS for PhysX

    High physX enabled

    Normal PhysX enabled

    PhysX turned off in game setting

  16. Nice. So does it still feel smooth with PhysX on? Do you notice any cool stuff with it on?
  17. I didnt see a BIG difference in running physX and not running physX, If you don't have a physX card it will run very smooth without physx on. If you do then it will run smooth with physX on. PhysX did NOT change the game play, just eye candy pretty much, Nothing to worry about getting if you don't have a physx card but if you have a 2nd video card, this is a good way to put it to use.
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