hey guys, i know that lower is better and less energy, and good stuff like that, but what exactly will lowering the manufacturing die size from 45 nm to 32 nm do? and it looks like the i3 are going to be dual core, but unlockable to quad core, any news on that.
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  1. the shrink makes it produce less heat and use less power, and makes it cheaper to produce
  2. yea i knew that, but does that also mean they can fit more cores on each cpu?
  3. I have heard nothing about unlocking cores. As far as I know the i3 is a true dual, not a quard with two disabled.
  4. i fogot where i heard it, but nothing is really for sure yet. but it would make sense to od that, so it competes with the callisto 550.
  5. If you just want to "unlock cores" go buy an AMD X3 720. Then when the 4th core is completely unstable, don't complain.

    There's really two different worlds here. i3 is going to be a new architecture, based on a 32nm process. So they are NOT taking faulty 32nm quads and turning them into Dual-Cores, since the current quads are 45nm.

    However, AMD on the other hand, has the ability to take Phenom II X4's and turn them into Phenom II X3 720s if a core doesn't perform properly. That's why it's "possible" to unlock a 4th core, because it's physically there.

    The i3 CPUs will only have 2 physical cores so far as I understand.
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