Best lightweight cooler (92mm) under $50 for AM3

Yes I know the Hyper 212+ is the best cooler under $50 according to most reviewers
but I really dont want a heavy cooler hanging on the mobo
I would prefer to go with a 92mm lighter cooler
AM3 socket
under $50 (more under $50 the better :) )
I was looking at this one
the Hyper TX3
but wanted to know if there were better 92mm coolers
Brands I am looking for are Coolermaster,Scythe,Zalman or equal
preferred store is Newegg

I can go with vertical or horizontal
I have a mid ATX tower
low profile ram

any help is appreciated
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  1. that looks perfect
    I like the Scythe brand
    great price
    easy to fit and lightweight
    great Newegg review
    that will be save as a favorite and number one choice
    thank you so much for your quick response and great answer :)
  2. Best answer selected by king smp.
  3. the truly great ones make it look easy :)
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