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I'm going to buy a new screen (now I have an old 15" CRT). I'm thinking about 19" T190 and 22" T220. I don't know which one should I choose.The higher resolution and screen the better, but on the other hand, I'm afraid that with a high native resolution I'll experience serious FPS decrease in games. Should I choose T190 with max.res. 1440x900 or T220 with 1680x1050?

I have

GF 8800GT 512
Core2Duo 3ghz
2Gb Ram

Oh and one more thing. Now I'm working on 1024x768 @ 72hz. If I choose T220 and decide to work on 1680x1050 @ 60hz, will the vertical frequency bother me as much as it does on my recent screen? I mean with 60hz it looks awfull (maybe just on CRT).
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  1. I think that a 8800GT 512 should do fine at 1680x1050. I mean, yes it won't run as fast as before and yes you may have to turn down the AA a little, but 22 inch is a pretty sweet size (I'm staring at mine right now) and I think you will like it a lot. Above 1680x1050 is where that card will start to hurt a bit, but at 1680x1050 is should be pretty good.

    As for the refresh rates, as long as the RR on the LCD isn't slow enough to ghost (which most modern ones are fast enough not to) you will actually not see any flickering (unless something is defective) because unlike the CRT, an LCD has a bit of delay in switching so it does not really go blank between refreshes. I personally cannot stand CRTs anymore after using an LCD because now I always notice the flickering on a CRT.

    Hope that helps, and please ask any other questions you have.
  2. Thanks for advise.

    I also think about choosing LG W2252tq. Specyfication is almost the same, bad LG has a month bad pixel guarantee. What do you think about it? T220 or Lg ?
  3. Oh and lg has this 4:3 in wide options. Thanks to this option, non-panoramic resolutions are not stretched on sides - it's just centered. Does T220 has something like that?
  4. An 8800GT can also do surprisingly well at 19 x 10 as I have discovered in the last couple of months spent using a 22" Samsung HD monitor. :)
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