Low 3Dmark score for 4890

I happened to win an ASUS EAH4890 1GB card and just popped it into my system today. I ran 3Dmark06 right away and was terribly dismayed by the result: a mere 10300. I ran one test at stock speeds and one with a 975/1010 OC.

The card that it replaced was an XFX 9800GT that was able to get a 11-12000.

My processor is a measly Athlon X2 5600 @2.6Ghz which no doubt is bottlenecking the card but why would it be lower than the 9800?

Its not being underpowered, since I'm on a 750W single rail.

I've got everything on a Gigabyte M57-SLI-S4 board with 4GB RAM running Windows Vista 64.

Is there a problem with the card or is it a simple bottleneck?

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  1. Try them both in vantage. It isn't unusual for older nvidia cards to operate better in 3dmark06 at low resolution but I wouldnt have expected a 1500 point difference.

    Make sure you've got your drivers sorted out too.
  2. Did you do a full reformat before switching cards (or at least very carefully removing all the NVidia drivers with something like driver sweeper)? I always do a full reformat just to avoid weird conflicts. Also, try it in some games and see how it does there. I've often see poor 3D Mark results come up even when games run great.
  3. I didn't do a full reformat but I used driver sweeper to remove all the Nvidia stuff. I'll try Vantage as soon as it finishes downloading.
  4. Alright. Also, make sure the settings are all on default/lowest and that nothing is forced on (like AA, Vsync) in CCC.
  5. My GPU score for the 4890 in Vantage was 9219...seems pretty low:( (that was with default settings)

    The cpu part crashes at the physics test.

    Everything in CCC is way down
  6. Also, I tried some minimal overclocking with ASUS smartdoctor and even a bump from 850 to 900 on the core is causing screen jerks and flashes. Everyone else has this card running at 950-1000.
  7. Try running prime95 and memtest to make sure there is not some other instability in the system.

    If the Vantage physics (CPU) is crashing, there may be some software glitches/corruptions in the system. If we can't find another culprit, you may have to do a complete reformat (which, like I said I always do just to avoid the headaches that come from mysterious issues that come up half the time when doing a simple swap).
  8. Thanks for the help. I ran prime95 and memtest without a hitch. I guess I'll have to format.
  9. If anybody else has any ideas I'd be glad to hear them, nothing's worked so far. I'm currently getting equal and sometimes less the performance in games than with my 9800GT.
  10. Its ur cpu, if you look on the games you play the FPS will be higher
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