Core i5 2500k w/coolermaster 212 evo

I just purchased the coolermaster 212 evo for extra cooling and I'm wondering if the overclock is worth it for gaming?
and if so what would be the maximum I could safely overclock it to with this cpu cooler?
Also. Looking at youtube installation videos; nobody uses the thermal paste provided with the 212 evo.
Will this paste be fine with an overclock of say 4ghz?

Ps. With an overclock what will the lifespan of my cpu be? I would like for my current set up to last me 18 months to 2 years.
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    you could overclock it with that cooler and paste to 4.5 and be fine for over 2 years provided that you keep max temps under 70 degrees and voltage under 1.4. the lower the voltage and temp the better but those are pretty safe boundaries. if you could keep temps below 60 thatd be even better. this is all under stress testing mind you
  2. Yep you can use the supplied paste which is very good btw and comfortably oc to 4.5 no problem.
  3. Cheers guys.
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