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I have an old pc (Athlon XP 1.2gh, DDR256, motherboard ASUS A7M266, HDD nikimi 40 GB, winXP) and after the POST it comes with the error "ntoskrnl.exe corruped or missing". I couldn't reinstal winXP because it's freezes right after the boot from cd with the message "setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration". So I replase the hard drive with a western digital 120GB and I installed windows XP on ntfs. And after all this, in the same day the computer crashes after POSTing with the same ntoskrnl.exe error and unable to boot from windows cd. What is going on? (excuse my english)

PS: I can boot using a Live cd (Gparted something) and everything works on both disks.
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  1. I will assume this problem started after the machine ran fine for some time. If this is true, try replacing your keyboard. An easy check is to disconnect the keyboard and try to start the machine.
  2. Sounds like a memory issue.
  3. DogSnake, the machine was running fine for 8 years ;) Replacing the keyboard did no difference

    Kikireeki, that was one of my first thoughts so I run on boot memtest86+ and there was no errors. it is difficult to find and test with another memory chip.

    Any other theories ? Really thanks for your replies
  4. Here is a link to the MS support for this issue: The fact that it repeats when you did a fresh install on a different HD points to some general hardware issue. I would disconnect everything, printers, routers, optical drives, cameras.... and see if anything changes. GL
  5. On an old computer like this it is not uncommon for the power supply to be faulty, anyway that would be the first thing that I would try is to replace the power supply. If the problem is not caused by the power supply then you are having memory issues whether they are caused by the memory or motherboard I don’t know but substitution of the suspected parts is the way to go.
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