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Watercooling Setup Advice

I am looking for advice from the resident watercooling experts here.

I am intending to go full watercooling on my new build once the last of the parts become available (namely 7970's & matching waterblocks)

Case - Corsair obsidian 800D
PSU - Antec TrueGamer Series 900W (pending upgrade to new PSU for new GPU's)
Mobo - Asus Rampage 4 Extreme
CPU - 3930K
Ram - 16gb G.Skill 2133mhz Ram
GPU - 2x HIS 5970's (pending upgrade to ATI 7970 X3)
+ HDD's , SSD's etc..

So Far I have it figured that i want to fit a Black Ice GTX360 Rad to the top with Push pull fan config (space permitting)
with a EK Full Copper Supreme CPU block, Koolance MB-ASR4E motherboard waterblock
and 3x Water blocks for ATI 7970's
I'm going for Single loop. So far I think I can get one 140mm Rad on the rear without interfering with the top Rad , and maybe one 120 or 140 Rad onto the bottom 140mm fan with a custom mounting without hacking into the case (preferred not to mod it)
Probably going to use a vertical Tube type Res and 1/2" Pipe

My questions -
Is this going to be enough to cool all that? if so will overclocking CPU/GPU's be possible on that setup (would love to go past 4ghz mark on the cpu)
Is that the best water block for the CPU?
Advice on Pump and Flow rates would be helpfull
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  1. I would say this is questionable depending on the TDP of the 7970's you are wishing to pick up and the amount of overclocking you wish to do. If you say that each 7970 will have an average of 225 watts TDP and around 100 watts TDP (all at stock speeds, mind you) you are looking at around 775 watts you'll need to take into consideration for cooling. The 360 will net you around 575 watts of cooling with ~1800-2000 rpm fans and the other 120/140 rads will net you probably close to another 300-350 watts, together. At stock speeds, I can see this working out about about right for you, but overclocking will likely give you some diminishing deltas.

    To be honest, you'd almost want two of those 360 rads in a hot loop like that. This would be my strong recommendation...but why the GTX360 when there are comparable choices (RX360, EK, Magicool all have thick 360's) that perform almost identically for less.

    What pump are you going with?

    Pump choice- DDC or D5 would be good choices...

    CPU block- pick what you like. Most will perform within 3-5 C of each other, at the very most. Raystorm is one of the best for low cost right now, but really the choice is a matter of aesthetics for you.
  2. If you need the cooling and don't mind the external loop setup, you could always go for a Phobya Xtreme 1080 or something - it's cheaper than buying two good 360 rads, and they sell feet so you can just stand it up somewhere. The 800D has holes that will let you pass tubing through without modding at all.
  3. Thanks Rubix, my choice on the Rad was mainly due to ease of availability to buy here in Australia.
    I shall have to look it up more at what i can do, nothing is final yet so all options are on the table currently

    Boiler1990 with regards to the external cooling setup can it be run with Quick disconnects for easy transport to lans?
  4. You'll have two WC tubes running out of the case - an inlet and an outlet to the rad. If you put a pair of QDCs on each tube you should easily be able to disconnect it and transport it to LANs. I bought 2 pairs of Koolance V4 QDCs and they actually work very well - no water leaked, and there were barely even droplets on the connections.
  5. You don't have to take a watercooled rig apart to transport to a LAN, just FYI. As long as it's not being tossed around in the bed of a pickup truck on a bumpy road, you'll be fine...just use the same precautions you'd normally take when transporting a case to a LAN.
  6. It'll probably be easier to transport something like a Phobya (especially not mounted to the case), especially since you won't have to worry about the rad straying off and pulling the tubing off the fittings ;)
  7. Unless you weld the Phobya to the case...... :P
  8. Not really into the idea of welding it to the case, as it is the case is large enough to be difficult to get it into my car to take to lans, so detachable external is ok, or some other internal config
  9. Best answer
    Detachable with Qdc's then and a stand of some sort for it would likely be the best approach
    My idea for that set up initially would be an EX360 up top, an RX240 in the bottom and either,
    couple of extra headroom 120/140's squeezed in there, or an external rad with Qdc's
    depending on how happy you are to mod up the case I think you can squeeze it all inside, but a detachable external will lower the case weight slightly for your poor back :P
  10. As an update I have done a lot of work on calculations and measuring up the case
    So Far I have it worked with a koolance CU1020V in push-pull config (i know about the flow restrictions of this unit) 2x XSPC RX120 mounted with adapters on my bottom and rear 140mm fans.
    if i have the numbers right i will have 900w min @ 10 degree delta, or 450w min @ 5 degree delta of heat dissipation, I have no idea if this is enough yet depends on what the heat dissipation numbers of the 7970's are
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  12. Nice to see someone doing the groundwork, I look forward to seeing it in the gallery
    And thank you for B.A
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