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I need your help. I started this thread earlier and deleted it to try updating my BIOS again on my own. Looks like I don't understand Flashing BIOS or the instructions provided by the forum. I followed the instructions to their very letter and the update still failed at 24% of the update. I formatted the USB drive to FAT 32 and download the correct BIOS for my MB. I ran memtest (Passed, 0 errors) and the USB Update Tool as the forum suggested. My USB shows the new BIOS files necessary for this update. Luckly, I know not to clear CMOS and recovered safely. Everything is back to the original BIOS settings. I read through several pages of the forum and found many new unresolved BIOS problems from pages 1 to 180+. I'm getting a sick feeling there is a problem with the BIOS updating procedures? I really don't know to tell the truth. I could use some help. Thanks

Note: Live Update 4 works fine for my system. But, it doesn't recognize and install the v1.2 BIOS, only the v1.1. N-Flash is not recommended to use by the forum mod's.

System BIOS set to default (No OCing):
MSI NF980-G65 SLI, BIOS v1.1
Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 1333
AMD Phenom II X2 550BE
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  1. What issue will a BIOS update fix? Why not simply copy the BIOS file to a USB key and use the M-Flash utility available in the BIOS? That should be the easiest and safest way to update the BIOS. The procedure can be found at
  2. The issue: My DRAM timings are partially accessible at this time. According to the manual and MSI Tech Support, I should have full access to these functions and others. Additionally, I have other conflicting issues within the BIOS.

    The following statement is highlighted in bold print on the Main page of the Forum. Forum Admin/Mod's/User's express explicitly stay away from M-Flash it will kill your board.

    News: Do NOT use M-FLash for BIOS flashing! It kills boards!
    >>USE THE FORUM FLASHER INSTEAD!! It's 100% safe!! Click me to get there!!<<

    I am suspect of your assistance. Did you take time to read the link you provided? How did you miss the warning statement on the first page or did you read any of the statements within the forum concerning BIOS updates?

    I don't mean to be a jerk but how is this helpful? Your recommendation is highly questionable and any further advise is not warranted and should be restricted.
  3. The link that I provided is directly from MSI and I'd trust them more than some site where people lead you to click on a link that can't be verified. Please provide the link where it warns to not use M-Flash. The statement ">>USE THE FORUM FLASHER INSTEAD!! It's 100% safe!! Click me to get there!!<<" would make me very leary. That's a lie because flashing a BIOS never is 100% safe. You certainly don't have to take my advice, but I didn't provide a questionable link. You can contact MSI support and they'll provide you the same info.
  4. GhislainG,

    I apologize if I was out of line. I have an open thread in the MSI forum. There are 180+ pages of BIOS related issues. A large majority of them are new/unresolved issues. I have to consider this fact when asking the forum for advise. Some of the members are having the same problem. Seems logical to me. If you read through the forum admin/mod's comments they suggest members are not following updating procedures correctly. I cannot speak for other members. However, I can say with confidence, I have proven to be knowledgeable in these matters prior to owning this board.

    Your advise seems sincere. But questionably accurate.

    Here's the link where I found the warning statement(s). Many related warnings throughout the forum.
  5. I see your point, but if you can't rely on an embedded flash utility, would you rely on a program that isn't from MSI? If it fails while using M-Flash, you can at least RMA the motherboard and blame it on MSI. Most flash failures occur because the wrong BIOS was file used, e.g., using a BIOS file for a different version of the same motherboard, a media failure while reading the BIOS file, a power outage or a user who panics and reboots before the process completes. Two years ago I had to RMA an Intel DG965RY that I flashed from their Windows BIOS flash utility. Intel didn't argue because I used their utility. I now use the BIOS embedded utility or a CD. I never do it from a Windows utility. I've flashed several MSI motherboards and I never ran into issues.
  6. Thank you for your assistance/patients. Seems, I stepped on my lizard. We/Me/I/Us started off on the wrong foot thing.

    M-Flash, I have tried it several times and it failed several times. Live Update 4 will only use v1.1, because that is the one MSI makes available through that update medium. It seems v1.2 has to be done manually through the USB Update Tool. I don't know any other option. I was hoping to find someone here who has had success with this MB and BIOS update. Maybe, an ISO/CD to boot from would do the trick. If they would consider making one.
  7. I checked the MSI site and BIOS version 1.2 updates M-Flash. It may sound like a stupid question, but is BIOS Flash Protection Disabled in the BIOS? M-Flash allows booting from a specific BIOS file. Does it boot from BIOS 1.2 on the USB key if you use that function?
  8. Well the short answer is, Yes. Until you select BIOS update in the menu and then it is done through the M-Flash function/utility(?) as you go. It will boot from the USB device when it is selected and then must be copied to the chip. This is all done through the BIOS M-Flash menu. That's easy as heck. I am concerned about smoking my new MB using that utility. BTW, if I am correct, and I believe 1-2 of the Admin/Mod's of the forum are Tech's at MSI and have remained greatly opposed to using the M-Flash utility because of it's ability to ruin a board.

    Even if MSI stands behind the M-Flash utility, I don't want the inconvenience of my wallet and time being their testing ground. Forum mod's and members say it doesn't work and hundreds of pages of problems confirm this.

    Note: I had a similar problem updating an ASUS MB 2yrs ago and they acknowledged the issue and mailed a new CMOS chip with the updated BIOS on it for free. That is what I mean by being spoiled.
  9. If you can't trust MSI, how will you flash the BIOS?
  10. I don't know. I still have the option to RMA. Maybe going with an ASUS or Gigabyte is the answer to this problem. Their answer has been return to the reseller for repairs or a refund more often than I like. Usually, I check forums and comments on products before purchasing an item. I didn't this time. The MSI was recommended by a local shop and I now regret listening. I'm just flaming them now. I will stop here. Hopefully they will get it together soon and resolve this ongoing issue with updating the BIOS.

    Good grief, it's not a new process. It's easy enough for people to copy an ISO to disk and boot from there. It's another option they could make available to customers.
  11. If you bought it from the local shop, why not let them update the BIOS?
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