Don't know which CPU to build around

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Monday the 7th so it arrives at the end of next week before the weekend and so I can get the HD radeon 5850.(unavailable at the moment) Budget around $1000 give or take depending on items


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, mouse, keyboard

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: all Newegg, billmelater

OVERCLOCKING: Yes Maybe SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Capability to do both

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 Asus Hd MOnitor


Due to specials at micro center, I can afford to get the i5($160), the i7 920($200) or the i7 860($230)..... Lynfield of bloomfield.....p55 or x58.... I do plan to eventually get a second HD radeon 5850 and have read that the x58 MOBO is a better MOBO to Crossfire/SLI in....But i have also read the I7 860 outperforms the i7 920 in everything but uses a p55..... Once I know which way to go on this I can start building my build to order on monday... please help on this subject..
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  1. Well the 860 DOES outperform the 920... that's why I chose that platform for my build. For gaming though, the CPU really is kind of negligible right now. Someone summarized the CPU comparisons here very well:

    i5 - no hyperthreading, turbo, dual channel mem
    i7 (860) - hyperthreading, turbo, dual channel mem
    i7 (920) - hyperthreading, less aggressive turbo, triple channel mem

    Also in the latest 5850 review:,2433-14.html

    The bottleneck of each CPU (Lynn vs Bloom) isn't too different. It is just a slight bottleneck on the P55.

    As for the triple-chan memory, I don't see that being a huge advantage right now over dual.

    The only thing I really see being a HUGE advantage on the X58 is the upgradeablity (is this a word? :) ). It will have the amazing 6-core CPU next year, though it is rumored to cost near $1k.

    So it all comes down to what you need, your budget rigidity, and how long you want this thing to last. The whole X58 vs P55 thing is kind of moot at this point because both are very good.
  2. ^+1... Very well said!!!

    I lean toward the i7 920 if you are going to want to Crossfire/SLI highend GPU's
  3. The i7 920 is a $280 cpu only available for $200 at Microcenter... Think about that.
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