Random crashes/reboots. Memory problem?

I have been getting random reboots on my M2A-VM motherboard. These would happen out of nowhere, whether the system is under load or not. The system seems completely stable and is able to run Prime95 blend test for hours without errors. Then suddenly, something odd happens like Aero would stop working or my wireless PCI wireless card stops working. Sometimes the entire system crashes and the computer would reboot itself. If I run Prime95 right after this happens (either a crash or a reboot), I usually get a rounding error immediately or within 10 minutes. After I manually restart the computer a few times, the system stabilizes until the next crash and this keeps on repeating. Sometimes after a restart, Prime95 would still fail within 10 minutes so I have to keep restarting until I can get Prime95 to run for at least an hour without errors.

I read the Asus forums and saw that this is a memory problem and usually can be fixed by overvolting or underclocking the RAM or both. In my case, BIOS up/downgrades do not fix the problem.

Is this a common problem with Asus boards? Has anyone ever experienced this problem? What did you do to fix it?
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  1. are you running windows 7 RC ?
  2. No, I'm not running the RC.

    I think it was just a compatability issue with the RAM. I replaced it with 2x2gb OCZ Gold DDR2 800 memory last week and it's running on Auto settings. It hasn't rebooted itself since.

    I might have to give it a little more time because it sometimes takes a while for it to happen.
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