I have a wireless connection using a Linksys router and USB Network Adapter. I've had my old Dell connected to it for years and years. 2 laptops that used its connection and a newer computer connected to it.

Anyway, I haven't had the old Dell hooked up to it and I've recently hooked up my new computer to it, but I can't connect via the wireless connection but can through the local area connection.

Do I need to set up a new connection using the Hardware Wizard and the disc the router came with as if it's all new?

Thanks in advance

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  1. You should not need to use the CD. Connect one of the computers to router by ethernet cable. Read literature which came with router in case you are rusty on how to access router's setup screens.

    Once in I would check that wireless is enabled. Disable wireless security and see if the various computers can connect by wireless.

    If not see Wireless Mode settings and make sure that the setting matches the adapters in use -- mixed mode will probably work.

    Check Access List (includes or excludes users by identifying adapter's MAC ID) to make sure it's not enabled.

    Make sure SSID is being broadcast.

    Once you are sure all computers can connect to internet wirelessly -- choose a security protocol that works with all computers and adapters. Choose passphrase and apply to adapters. If you are forced to use WEP copy and paste the HEX version of the passphrase to the adapter(s) rather than use the alphanumeric version.
  2. I think I can follow those instruction. Thanks.

    Just one thing though, I thought it's best NOT to broadcast the SSID? because right now it's not.

    OK, two things: I can now see the wireless connection when I view 'open network connections' when previously I could not. It now says 'not connected'. Should I still follow your instructions or is there something else I should check.

    I know I'm close and it's frustrating me to no end because I should know how to do this!

    Thanks again, in advance.
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